We sign our cards and letters BFF.

My daddy got me hooked on Last Man Standing. Like seriously, I’m obsessed. On the last episode, Ed Alzate and Vanessa Baxter were talking about how Ed’s “silly” game day rituals were interrupting the bridal shower. The scene goes a little something like this:

Vanessa: “Ed, the girls don’t have time to do your silly rituals.”

Ed: “Silly rituals Vanessa? You’ve invited friends over today for some rituals of your own.”

Vanessa: “Well that’s different.”

Ed: “Oh, why? Do you think this shower will determine whether or not Mandy will have a happy marriage?”

Vanessa: “No, of course not.”

Ed: “But who knows. Did the Broncos win the Super Bowl last year because of my rituals? Probably not. But who knows.”

Eve: “The cobra mesmerizes its prey before it strikes.”

Ed: “After the championship Kristin bought a house, Mandy got engaged, and Eve discovered her musical talent. Did all this happen because of what we did here last season? Probably not.”

Vanessa: “But who knows?”

Ed: “The reason loved ones gather to do these silly rituals is not to move the universe but to show each other that we care because if one thing we do know, love has power.”

Today, my bff of ten years is getting married. I can’t even begin to count the sleepovers, notes passed, secrets kept, nails painted, popcorn spilled, selfies taken, Disney Channel marathons, Hobby Lobby trips, Hannah Montana jam sessions, crowns worn, and love shared between us. We’ve been talking about this day since we met. It’s the day we’ve always dreamed about. I am so beyond filled with joy today for her and with her.

Before she got engaged, she texted me and said “I’ve found the one whom my soul loves.” I knew then, this one was the one. Then came all those silly rituals. The ones I hope she cherishes. The ones that I hope surrounded her in love and showed her just how powerful Your love is, Lord.

So here is my prayer today. God, as she gets ready and puts her dress on today, I pray you remind her that she is lovely, inside and out. I pray you guard her heart carefully as she puts it in his hands and slips on her wedding band. I pray that no matter what comes their way, they believe in you and in the power of your love. I pray they are wrapped in all the joy and love that you have to offer. I pray they enjoy all those silly rituals. I pray she watches more of those Auburn games with him while sending me elephant emojis. I pray as they grow closer together, they also grow closer to you. I pray he leads them where you want them to be. I pray you protect them and put your hand on the adventure they’re about to take. Thank you for her friendship. Thank you for giving us all the same classes that freshman year. Thank you for giving us the courage to talk to each other that day. Thank you for putting her in my life. And as always I pray for my family and sorority sisters. I pray for my university. I pray for guidance for our government, church, and school leaders. I pray for protection for our troops. I pray for all of those that need you now and for those that haven’t met you yet. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


One thought on “We sign our cards and letters BFF.

  1. I love watching “Last Man Standing” too. I just watched that episode you quoted above (we have a way of accessing catch up tv here even though we are in Australia!). What a beautiful prayer for your friend – hope she has a lovely wedding day.

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