He’ll meet you wherever you are.

Music heals. I hear that said all the time and I believe that. I mean, I use songs to understand what I’m going through every single day. Turning on the radio some days though can be rough. I start singing songs that I absolutely love without even realizing what I’m singing. So, lately, I’ve been listening to the words more. I know we live in a broken world that needs You, but to be honest, sometimes I don’t realize how much people are screaming out for You.

I heard some host on the radio today say something about how the world is broken because rock stars and people are wearing crosses as fashion statements and forgot what the cross stood for. I think that the host forgot. The cross, for me anyways, is a reminder that we are broken and saved. The church is a hospital for the broken. We need You, Jesus and I think if we paid attention more we would see that everyone around us needs you too. Some are literally begging for You and don’t even know it.

In Breakeven by The Script, the lyrics literally say “I’m praying to a God I don’t believe in.” I’ve heard that song 152 times and every time I hear that line, I’m stopped dead in my tracks. It breaks my heart. I think it’s the opposite. The more I hear that line, the more I think they are reaching for You. I think they are lost and are crying out for You. In If You Could See Me Now by The Script, it’s just a boy wanting a father’s approval even though he’s gone. In Demons by Imagine Dragons, they sing “Don’t get too close. It’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide.” They just need someone to show them the light. “I wanna save that light. I can’t escape this now. Unless you show me how.” Maybe, all these people need is just a little love. Maybe, if we weren’t so quick to judge and we tried to understand people more, we could show them Your love. I think they realize they are missing something, they just don’t realize what that is yet. I think they are searching for You as much as You are searching for them.

Sunday night at church, the discussion was brought up about they couldn’t understand how when You sent Your son that it was the broken people that followed him. It was the murders, the cheaters, the criminals, and the sinners. I hadn’t really realized it before. How He was so perfect and free from sin, but it was the people completely full of sin that listened to Him and spent time with Him. I mean, His very own disciples were far from saints. I’ve been thinking about this all week. You sent Your son to save the broken. He used love and kindness in every move he made, even when people literally hung Him on a cross. He died for the very people that put Him there. I think maybe, that’s the point. I think it’s love that brought people to Jesus. I think it’s the love He showed them, Your love. I think it was that You knew all of their sins, their demons, their weaknesses, their burdens and You loved them anyways. You met them where they are and completely accepted them. You cared for them. You took them in Your arms and gave them exactly what they were missing.

So, this is my prayer. I pray for the broken. I pray for the lonely. I pray for the suffering. I pray for the pain. I pray they see that you have been here for the whole time. I pray they see that you are holding your arms wide open on that cross for them. I pray they see just how much you love them. I pray that I start sharing more of your love. I pray that I share more of your grace and kindness. I pray that you keep guiding me. I pray that you lay your hand on the broken. I pray they find healing in you. I pray someone shows them your grace and forgiveness. I pray they see your light through the darkness. I pray that I share your light with those around me. I pray that I keep crying out to you and thank you for always listening. And as always I pray for my family and sorority sisters. I pray for my university. I pray for guidance for our government, church, and school leaders. I pray for protection for our troops. I pray for all of those that need you now and for those that haven’t met you yet. In Jesus’ name, Amen.